11 Truths of Special Needs Parenting

It’s been ten years since our son Aidan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since then, no single thing has impacted our family more. We are defined by our experience as a special needs family. There’s no way around it. There’s been no miraculous story of our child’s recovery. There’s been no “cure.” Just ten trips around the sun as a family on a unique and challenging journey. Continue reading “11 Truths of Special Needs Parenting”


A woman once asked my wife, if we knew then what we know now about our severely autistic son Aidan, would we still have gone through with it. It of course being him. The answer to that question for most emotionally healthy people, is of course, yes. The woman didn’t really know any better, I guess. She was young. With no family yet. And she didn’t really grasp the fact that she was asking another woman if she’d rather her child had never been born. My wife gracefully brushed it off, only bringing it up to me in passing the next day. Continue reading “Gracist”