About Us

Care For Us is a 503 (c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. Tax ID: 81-4197106


Annette Hughes,
Executive Director
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #94523
Supervised by Michelene Wasil LMFT #83533
BS Health Science
MA Education
MS Counseling Marriage, Family and Child Therapy


In 2009, my son Aidan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder while my husband Sean was deployed to Iraq. From those dark days in the beginning to the active and full life we live as a family today, I’ve learned a world of hard but empowering lessons. The most important of which was that this journey is a journey best walked with others. The power of faith and community conquers all things-even if conquering means just getting through the day with your sanity, your marriage in-tact and your kids still alive.

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Right now I’m living the adventure of raising my three boys, Bennett, Aidan and Sean Ryan right here in the Eastlake neighborhood in Chula Vista, California. That adventure wouldn’t be complete without sharing it with others in need.

As an educator, a mental health professional and the mom of a military family, I’ve provided addiction counseling to veterans, outreach to at-risk youth and started a network for special needs moms in the San Diego County area.

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Now I’m excited for the next step in the journey. Care For Us is a safe place to find support, fellowship and critical resources to help keep your family strong.  Too often we spend all the time, energy and resources we have on helping our special kids grow. That’s important stuff. But unless we take the time to do the work on ourselves, we won’t hold up. Their therapies last for hours. Their dependence on us can last a lifetime.  We’ve been there. And we’re here for you.